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Your Digital Identity

How to Create and Manage your Digital Identity.

Create your Digital Identity

Before you start

To set up your RatifyID, you will need:

  • A Smart Device.
    To download the RatifyID app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • A personal email address.
    This must be a personal email address and not shared. Your personal digital identity documents will be linked to the email you choose.
  • To be 15years or older.
    Age restrictions may also apply with some of our relying partner services.

Follow three easy steps

 To set up your RatifyID:

  1. Download the RatifyID App.

    Only download the RatifyID app from the official app stores listed above.

  2. Enter your details.
    Open the RatifyID app on your smart device and follow the prompts. You need to enter your full name, date of birth and a personal email address.
  3. Choose your identity strength.
    You can set up a Basic Digital Identity strength (Proofing level IP1, IP1+) on RatifyID. The online service you want to access determines the minimum identity strength you need. Find out what identity strength you need please consider the reason you are creating a digital identity. Our RatifyID support team is on hand to help you by clicking the chat Icon on your screen at any time.

 Digital Identity Strength


Identity proofing level 1 (IP1) and level 1+ (IP1+)

What you will need

You need one email address or mobile phone number.

For some services, you may also need an acceptable identity document, which includes your full name and date of birth.

You might use this level of identity proofing to pay a parking infringement or for the provision of loyalty cards.


Identity proofing level 2 (IP2) and identity proofing level 2+ (IP2+)

What you will need

You need to provide two acceptable identity documents such as your Australian driver licence, Medicare card, Australian birth certificate or Australian passport.

For some services you also need to prove that you are the same person shown on these documents, by scanning your face with your smart device.

You might use this level of identity proofing for the provision of utility services or undertaking large financial transactions.

Increasing the Identity proofing level of your Digital Identity

Different services require different levels of identity strength. Some require Basic level proofing IP1, some require Basic level proofing IP2, some require Standard or Strong. RatifyID is accredited to identity proofing level Basic IP1+, this means that RatifyID meets the Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) standards to verify an identity document safely and securely to this level.

If you have created your digital identity at a Basic proofing level 1 (IP1) and you want to access a service that requires a Basic proofing level 1+ (IP1+), you will need to increase the strength of your digital identity. You can do this using your RatifyID digital identity app.

Learn more about Identity proofing levels here.

Manage your Digital Identity

RatifyID digital identity is designed to give you control. You can manage some aspects of your digital identity on your RatifyID app, and others you can manage through this website.

Access and Security settings

You can manage access and security settings within your RatifyID app. Such as:

  • Changing your PIN or password.
  • Viewing or updating your identity documents.
  • Enabling Face ID, if your smart device has this feature.
  • Viewing what services are linked to your digital identity.

To manage these settings, open the RatifyID app on your mobile device and visit our FAQ’s here for more information.

If you need further help, please click on the chat Icon on your screen at any time or submit a contact form here.