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Digital Identity

What is a digital identity?

A digital identity is typically defined as a one-to-one relationship between a human and their digital presence. A digital presence can consist of multiple accounts, credentials, and entitlements associated with an individual.

Frequently, digital identity notes the presence of an individual or entity within applications, networks, on-premises systems, or cloud environments. This may be a person, organisation, application, or device used for authentication, authorisation, automation, and even impersonation during runtime. Digital identity may also be interchangeable with “digital entity” or simply “identity” depending on the context.

What is a trusted digital identity provider?

A digital identity provider helps you set up and manage your digital identity. Using a secure digital identity with a trusted identity provider helps keep your information safe and helps services have confidence that they’re interacting with the right person.

RatifyID is a trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) accredited digital identity provider and credential service provider.

It is important to use a trusted digital identity provider, such as; RatifyID.

RatifyID is a TDIF-accredited identity service provider and credential service provider, Accreditation demonstrates that RatifyID is trusted, safe and secure and built to the standards set by the Australian Government.


The Benefits

Safe & Secure.

Convenient & Efficient.

Simple & Reusable.

RatifyID digital identity offers numerous benefits for individuals and businesses alike, by improving convenience, security, efficiency, and access to services, thereby driving digital transformation and empowering individuals and businesses in the digital era.

For Individuals

RatifyID can offer robust protection against identity theft and fraud and minimise the sharing of personal documents and information, individuals can reduce their exposure to potential data breaches and identity theft.

Digital identity streamlines processes by reducing paperwork and bureaucracy. This can lead to faster approvals, reduced waiting times, and a smoother user experience.

Digital identity solutions often offer single sign-on capabilities, eliminating the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords. This enhances online security by reducing the reliance on weak or reused passwords.

For Businesses


Digital identity solutions can be integrated with fraud detection mechanisms, enhancing the ability to identify and prevent fraudulent activities.

Businesses can limit the storage of personal data by relying on digital identity verification systems. They only need to confirm the authenticity of the individual’s identity without storing extensive personal information, reducing the risk of data breaches and compliance with data protection regulations.

Digital identity verification streamlines customer on boarding processes, making it faster and more efficient. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and more seamless and user-friendly experience, which can lead to increased customer loyalty.

Digital identity systems can assist businesses in meeting regulatory requirements and Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations more effectively.

How and where to use your trusted digital identity?

Once you set up your trusted digital identity with a digital identity provider RatifyID, you can begin using it.

RatifyID can be typically employed in various scenarios, where RatifyID digital identity is accepted. It may be used for paying parking infringements or obtaining loyalty cards. Additionally, it is commonly utilised for accessing utility services, conducting significant financial transactions, and gaining access to welfare and other services. RatifyID can be used to prove you are over 18 when entering age-restricted venues. It can also be used to share your verified identity details with our partner organisations.

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How does a RatifyID work?

RatifyID uses technologies and protocols to establish and verify digital identities. Personal information is collected and verified to create a digital identity. Authentication methods like passwords, biometrics, or digital certificates ensure authenticity. Third-party verification confirms identity accuracy, and encrypted storage protects the data. Digital identities are used for authentication during online transactions, while authorisation mechanisms control access. Privacy and consent mechanisms respect individual control. Note that implementation may vary among digital ID systems.

Can’t get a Digital Identity?

At RatifyID we understand digital identity is not always a straightforward process. Many individuals face barriers establishing their digital identity or reaching the proofing level they require.

If you can’t get a digital identity or simply don’t want to, you can usually keep accessing services that do not require a digital identity. However, if you are in doubt you can contact the service provider to find out more.

If you want a digital identity but can’t get one or can’t reach the strength you require, the RatifyID support team is here to help you. We will work with you to understand your unique situation and what we can do to help.

Find out more here or please click the chat icon on your screen at any time to speak to our dedicated RatifyID support team.